Radical Kindness: Inspiration From A Fearless Rebel


There is nothing rebellious about violence at this point in human history; it has been normal, accepted, and constant for centuries. Rage and violence are the status quo of a socio-economic system built from exploitation and maintained by cruelty, greed, and destruction of the planet. If we wish to truly rebel against a greedy, warmongering, fear-inducing, corrupt, controlling socio-economic and political system that thrives on keeping its populace isolated, competitive, and antagonistic towards each other and the rest of the world, that rebellion requires not rage or violence, but kindness. Kindness cannot be equated with passivity, however. There is nothing kind about being passive when life-as-usual has become a march toward death. As lovers of humanity, we must admit that our leaders have severe addictions and abusive tendencies. It is an act of kindness – toward ourselves and our opponents – to stand up firmly and put an end to such abuse.

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