Tradition Continues: 2014 Rose Bowl Parade Occupied

Starting with the 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade, Occupiers have followed the parade with their own version to bring attention to important issues. This year, the official theme of the Rose Bowl Parade was "Dreams Come True." Occupy Rose Parade responded with the theme "#WakeUp2014." Occupy Rpse Parade floats and banners focused on the Tran-Pacific Partnership, fracking and home foreclosures. Occupiers came from San Diego, Venice, Los Angeles and Menifee. Moms Across America were present to protest GMOs and PETA was on hand to protest Seaworld’s torture of orcas. Nineteen PETA participants were arrested and the Seaworld float was guarded by police officers as it passed along the parade route. In all, it was a very successful day. One occupy member, Donna Piranha, said, "The two questions I heard repeated all day were: 1. ‘What’s fracking?’ & 2. ‘What’s the TPP?’" All signs indicate that 2014 will be a very interesting year.

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