Parents Of The Revolution

Parents of the Revolution follows a group of activist parents in the Occupy Wall Street movement who believe that it’s their democratic duty to teach their kids to speak out against injustice. Are they heroes who are bringing up their kids with a civic conscience or agitators who are using their children as human shields? In late October, 2011, a month into Occupy Wall Street’s takeover of Zuccotti Park in New York City’s financial district, a new movement erupts amidst the excitement and turmoil with police––Parents of Occupy Wall Street. Started by Kirby Desmarais, a gutsy and resourceful 26-year-old mom and independent music manager, the group is meant to be an outlet for families to get more involved in Occupy Wall Street. In fact, Kirby organizes a “family sleepover” in Zuccotti Park, which draws over 500 kids and parents with sleeping bags in tow, ready for a night of protesting.

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