Police use tear gas and flash bang grenades on Occupy protesters

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News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government
28 Jan 2012

Breaking: Police use tear gas and flash bang grenades on Occupy protesters –Full-blown confrontation between police and protesters taking place in Oakland 28 Jan 2012 Police in Oakland, California, used ‘chemical agents’ against Occupy Oakland protesters on Saturday. (Fox News) Police have used tear gas and flash bang grenades on demonstrators in Oakland, Calif., as authorities say a protest involving an estimated 2,000 people ‘turned violent.’ (Washington Post) [This story will be updated.]

Police use tear gas on Oakland Occupy protesters –Police declared ‘unlawful assembly’ after marchers tore down perimeter fences at vacant Henry Kaiser Convention Center 28 Jan 2012 Oakland police used tear gas and “flash” grenades Saturday to break up an estimated 2,000 Occupy protesters after some demonstrators started throwing objects at officers and tearing down fencing. There were at least 10 arrests and no reports of serious injuries. Oakland officials say about 250 people were in the group when the protest started on the city’s streets around noon, with demonstrators threatening to take over the vacant center. The crowd had grown to about 2,000 hours later, KCBS-AM reported.

U.S. falls to 47th in press freedom rankings after Occupy crackdown 26 Jan 2012 Sweeping protests around the world made it an extremely difficult year for the media, and tested journalists as never before, the annual report into press freedom reveals. The annual report by Reporters Without Borders has been released, showing the United States fell 27 points on the list due to the many arrests of journalists covering Occupy Wall Street protests. The slide in the United States places it just behind Comoros and Taiwan in a group with Argentina and Romania.

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